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Improve Your Website Ranking

Search Engines are match-makers. They continually crawl the world wide web to maintain their indexes, and to provide the most relevant keyword match to your browser key word search. During the indexing process, the search engine will also rank a site's relative importance regarding the specific website content.

Relative Importance is gauged by many factors

Appropriate use of keywords is vital to getting higher rankings and good organic search results.

How well do your website keywords match the page content?
How many other sites link to yours, and how important are they?
How many searchers actually select your site from the results?


Organic results are the relevant matches returned by the search engine that are not sponsored or paid for. Research shows that 60%-70% of web searchers select organic results as opposed to paid placement.

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KCS maximizes your organic search return potential by using these proven techniques

  • Research and incorporate relevant keywords with high match potential. KCS can investigate how keywords perform and who uses them.
  • Add keywords to the page titles, page descriptions, page content and page file names (as appropriate).
  • Search-engine-friendly navigation components
  • Register your company with Google Local Business, Yahoo Local Business, and Yellow Pages.
  • Submit Google sitemap.xml to improve a Search Engines' ability to map and index your entire site.
  • Add ALT attribute to image files as appropriate. This adds more keyword exposure.
  • Incorporate keyword 'bolding' as appropriate. This makes words more visible and more important to spiders that crawl the internet.
  • Convert captions to header tags as appropriate (this also makes words more visible and important to spiders that crawl the internet).
  • Add footer navigation to all pages. Every page on your site should have a readable text link. Spiders can only read - they can't click.

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Important: Search engines are somewhat unpredictable. Please be aware that it can take 90 days (or more) to have your site thoroughly indexed after optimization is complete. Also, each search engine may produce different results. Patience is required because results are not immediate.


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