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Web Design Features - Online Forms

If you currently use paper forms, think of how convenient and efficient they would be online.

Using online forms simplifies the exchange of information by giving the user text fields, drop-down menus, radio buttons, check boxes and other conveniences allowing visitors to easily complete and submit information.

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And online forms don't have to look boring. They can be styled to match other page elements.

Form results can be stored via online database,
e-mailed directly to your inbox, or both.

Each submitted form can be automatically validated and then confirmed by an autoresponder to ensure accuracy and to reassure the sender.

Fill-able PDF Forms with Adobe Reader®

KCS can convert your existing documents into working, 'fill-able' PDF forms for use online and offline. When the form filler uses Adobe Reader®, these documents can become interactive forms that are easy to fill out, print and submit.

Try a fill-able PDF form.


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