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A website from KCS means quality, dependability, and credibility for your business. Our clients have told us that they have won new business because their website was more impressive than that of their competition. This doesn't happen by accident or luck.

Responsive design, W3C compliance, XHTML, CSS style sheets, cross-browser compatibility, favorites icons, breadcrumb trails, javascript - what does it all mean?

In a nutshell, you don’t have to learn the technical nuts and bolts of why your website rocks. You can just sit back and enjoy the results of a wider, more professional footprint on the web.

Web Logo's

Web LogosKCS can create a new web logo from an existing brochure, letterhead or other existing printed material related to your company. Or, if no such logo exists, we can create one for you that embodies your company's mission.

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Online Forms

Online FormsThe most widely-used method of collecting visitor information is through the use of forms. Online forms allow your website to collect records into a database, create an online transaction, or send an inquiry to your email inbox. KCS can convert existing paper forms that could be completed, printed, stored and submitted ONLINE.

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Photo Galleries

Photo GalleriesPictures will speak volumes about your company's products and services. KCS has a variety of methods to showcase your wares in photo galleries that are styled to match the rest of your website.

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KCS Essential Goodies

Essential GoodiesKCS Essential Goodies like our weather widget, scrolling news ticker, custom graphics and others, will help your new website reflect quality and craftsmanship.

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