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Professional Results for Less

Honest, affordable rates.

Many web design companies require you to buy their web hosting services for the privilege of doing business with them. These 'package deals' are usually not in your best interest because their hosting fees can be astronomical. Over time, these fees add up to thousands of dollars spent unnecessarily.

KCS doesn't overcharge for web hosting.

In fact, we don't even offer web hosting. We can recommend however, a third party host with all the bells and whistles - with excellent package pricing. In some cases, switching hosts can save enough money to justify a new KCS website.

After your website is launched, the ongoing KCS maintenance / change rate is exceptionally reasonable.

We plan for success.

Good planning is essential for a successful outcome. Together, we explore the web design features and web design services that are important to you and your customers. We will also determine your requirements for attracting new business using our proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Next, we assemble the proposed layout including the number of web pages, features, functionality, timeline, and cost.

Once we are in agreement to the scope of work and pricing, KCS will begin designing your website to be intuitive, to load quickly, and to be visually attractive.

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Please don't try this at home.

It seems everybody knows someone that can make a website cheaper than hiring a professional web designer. The phrase "..you get what you pay for.." has never been more appropriate.

If you are serious about establishing credibility for your business, please don't make the same mistake as thousands have before you. For a professional appearance, appropriate functionality, and results through the search engines, you need a professional web designer for your project.

Contact KCS today!

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