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Our experience in web design and site building spans all the way back to 1996. We have participated in the evolution of the world wide web and it's our mission to make high-quality, affordable websites for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Crafted from scratch - always.

At KCS, we don't subscribe to the practice of using cookie-cutter templates, or the concept of mass-producing web pages. Every website we design is customized from the ground up to maximize effectiveness. And yes, it may take a little longer to do it right, but we're confident you will approve of the results.

No long-term contracts.

KCS will never try to push you into an expensive website hosting package or a maintenance contract. We don't offer website hosting and believe it or not, sometimes we can actually save you money while looking out for your best interests.

The web evolves and so do we.

We are constantly educating and re-educating ourselves to maintain the web design industry’s best practices for our new and existing customers.

Your time is valuable.

Sometimes, our clients simply don't have enough time to participate in a website project the way they would like to.

At KCS, we let you decide on how much time you devote to the effort. In fact, our success is due (in part) to our capability to take the ball and run with it.

We can design and publish your new, custom website with minimum input from you (when necessary).

How may we serve you today?

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